I was born in Torino, Italy. After graduating from university with a degree in Mathematics and travelling through the Americas, I began to devote myself to photography.

I was in New York and I remained there for many years.
I stepped into the art world almost by chance in 1984 at the VSV gallery in Torino. My show consisted of photographs of Downtown Manhattan printed with a Color Xerox. It was the time of Andy Warhol and Graffiti Artists in New York, of Frigidaire in Italy.
The following year I went to School of Visual Arts and started to contribute to some Italian and American magazines.

My show “Eyes on the City“ at New York University marks an important point in my artistic evolution: the creation in the darkroom of mental images, figures obtained by combining portraits and architectures.
This show travelled next year to Torino where I have been living since 2003.

In Italy I worked in a personal, intimate way on travelling objects and their dislocation. I focused my attention on simple details, often revealing something extraordinary.
In the series of photographs “Anche Noi al Lavoro” I combined art and social interest. I documented the jobs of mentally disabled people in public and private enterprises to encourage their full integration into the labor market.

From 2006 to 2012 I have regularly shot the transformation of Palazzo del Nuoto, the Swimming Palace of Torino. It is something abstract, yet seductive, consisting of two swimming pools, for training and competition, in which the architects Isozaki and Maggiora are challenging the usual separation between interior and exterior through glass walls and skylights. I focused on the passing moment, the detail, the structure containing its own history.
This work gave birth to a permanent installation, Site Specific, “Momenti Architettonici” that opened May 9, 2012.

Lately I elaborated scattered images of my family history. I used various techniques, empty rooms and forgotten objects, something appearing and disappearing.

In the following years I created different Artist’s Books and participated to travelling shows, jumping from place to place, that’s End in Nation, migrant show from StudioDieci to other worlds.
Since 2015 I’ve been working on photographic transformations into the space where images flow, one into the other.
This project, Plato’s Dream is a work-in-progress. I went back to my mathematical past and I began to think about the visual and philosophical interpretations of Platonic Solids while creating photographic polyhedrons, flying geometries and painted gelatine-silver prints.

In 2020 I worked with multicoloured flakes from recycled plastic bottles provides by Dentis Recycling Italy. I used this unusual material to create still life replicating different environments of our planet where small plastic animals live. The first step of this work was s two-persons show, Scaglie Party, with sculptor Ornella Rovera, in the framework of Biennale Tecnologia of Politecnico di Torino.